Intellectual system for logistics control

We solve the main cargo transportation problems


logistics transportation


Decrease losses
caused by
spoiled goods


Decrease the number
of goods returned
and raise customers trust level

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How to reduce goods transportation risks and raise sales income?
How to keep your customers and raise their loyalty level?


Intellectual logistics
processes control system

Tags are installed near the
goods and track transportation
or storage conditions:
temperature, moisture, shaking etc.

Data is read
with free application for PC
or mobile phone/tablet

Blackbeetrack reduces
logistics risks and decreases
the number of spoiled goods
to increase your income.

How does it work?

A tag with sensors
is installed near the goods
(in a container, a pallet or a box)

Tag records data on
environmental conditions:
temperature, moisture,
vibration level etc.

When the goods are delivered,
tag information is read
by smartphone/computer
via Bluetooth-channel.

The received data helps
to analyze the goods quality
and to determine time and place,
where transportation conditions were violated.

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Our projects

GPS and GSM modules

By installing GPS
and GSM modules in tags,
you can track cargo
movements on-line and
immediately inform the manager
in case emergency occurred

Features expanding

Pressure and tilt sensors as well as wrap
opening sensors can be installed in a tag

Storage counting

Module helps to
automatically read tags
data, when cargo enters the
storage area and to
connect the data with storage
electronic counting system

What goods can Blackbeetrack be used for?



Fragile and
luxury goods


Who uses Blackbeetrack?

Companies, which care for their
goods and services quality

Distributing centers
trade networks
Transportation companies


To ensure customers in their goods quality

To strengthen brand competitive position

To ensure transportation quality

To control distributing channels

To strengthen process control

To make individual goods tagging for providing technical support

Transportation companies

To strengthen goods transportation control

To decrease legal and operational expenses

To expose weak links in logistics chain

To receive additional feedback and to analyze logistics chain effectiveness

Distributing centers
trade networks

To control delivered goods quality

To decrease operational expenses

To simplify storage counting control

To computerize storage counting

To rise trade network goods attractiveness for customers


Order required quantity of tags to learn your individual price





Measures shaking
and falling


Several sensors can be installed in one tag
Please, contact our managers to adjust price

What tags do I need and how many of them?

The number and tags type depend on your transportation format, truck size and cargo type.
Our specialists can help you to count the necessary tags quantity and the best layout.


Truck type: Mitsubishi,
with refrigerating system

Effective volume: 1000 liters

Cargo type: Food
(Dairy products)

Recommended tag quantity per car:
10 units

Tag type: temperature + moisture

I want to try!

The quantity of tags per order is not limited.

For a pre-order please write your e-mail and tags quantity. We will call you back to discuss tag kits, delivery type and possible discount.


The first batches of tags already sent to customers

BlackBeeTrack passed the first round of the accelerator GenerationS

Updated BlackBeeTrack in new housing

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